This photo database contains mainly a selection of morally impeccable photos picked from shoe boxes, negative binders and colour slide boxes. The collection has no specific theme. It's a mix of family photos and photos of more general interest. Hundreds of these photos are associated with Brsec, but still they only constitute a part of the whole collection.

To save time, the scanning and the Photoshop cleanup is a compromise, which in some cases has given a mediocre result. Nevertheless, I hope these time fragments can contribute to keep bygone times alive for some of you.

At the turn of the millenium medium quality digital imaging was introduced. From 2008 onwards a full-format digital SLR is used to secure at least the technical quality.

This is not a search database in its normal sense. The photos are placed in static year order and are basically coded as follows:

Year / First name of persons in the order they appear from the left / Extras / Place

Do you want to contribute with your own images to complete this "patchwork" with time fragments from Brsec and old pictures from Fiume/Rijeka?
Don't hesitate! Your contribution will of course be earmarked for legal reasons. Contact the Webmaster.

You are free to download any photo for private use. If you are intrested to have high-resolution copies, just mail the webmaster and state why and how.

Use of photos from this database for commercial purposes is not allowed without a written permission from the webmaster, who is also the legal owner of all images in this database and other large images on this site, except those with stated ownership.