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I moj nono je navigal.
Brseč i Brsešćina







The catalogue of the exhibition "I moj nono je navigal" – Brseč i Brsešćina ("My Grandfather Sailed Too" – Brseč & the Brseč Region) is separated into two parts. In the first part is given to the historical aspects and the awareness of personal and cultural identity and it is a unique example of the representation of maritime identity of the Brseč region. In the second, and main part of the catalogue, are presented the results of research into the registers of the sailors of first class of the Rijeka Port Authority from the period of Italian administration (1924-1943). There were 159 sailors from the Brseč region. The results are presented in many groups. In the first group are the sailor's personal data. The second group is related to navigation and encompasses data relating to their service on ships, their progress, data about previous navigations, the names of ships and years of navigation. The sailors from the Brseč region are listed in all the categories of ship services, especially amongst stokers and service personnel.

CIP record is available from the University Library Rijeka under number 121122082
ISBN 978-953-95300-8-0

The webmaster has a PDF version available ;-)                  

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