What about food and beverage?

There is a minimarket (Suzy) in the village that provides almost everything of importance. The nearest supermarket is in Moscenicka Draga. A good advice for those with a car: drive down to the town of Labin. Just at the north entrance to the right there are two supermarkets – First Plodine, and bit furher south, Liedl.

The local restaurants (Konobe) are very good. One is in the village and one up the hill in Sv. Jelena. Of course there is a popular Pizza/coffee bar (Sisol)in the village too. So, all in all, you do not need a car to have a comfortable vacation in this village.

What about snakes? 

The climate in the Meditterranean zone is ideal for snakes. However, the access to prey is decreasing and so are the snakes. You will actually see many more snakes in the north part of Europe than down here. If you happen to meet a snake the risk of meeting a poisonous one is very small. But mentally, you should be prepared to meet harmless snakes up to 2 meters! No it's not a joke. If you do, consider it a privilage! Snakes are elegant and amiable creatures.

What about spoken languages?  

Coastal people in the North Meditterranean are well aquainted with Italian and German. The younger generations are more biased on English. Even Swedes (!) can make themselves understood during the summer period. So, no trouble communicating with the locals. At the end of the day, the body language is always a safe communication channel ;-)

What about fresh water quality?
The fresh water used in Brsec and surrounding villages emanates from a well close to the ucka mountain. This water is excellent in purity and taste. Limestone is an optimum natural filter.
What about swimming. The village seems to be placed on the edge of a steep rock?

Yes, just in front of the village there is an almost vertical stone wall....very impressive, but less suitable for swimming and playing around. However, this wall transforms into a dragon's back (called Sip) to the north, sloping out into the Sea. This place is perfectly suited for swimming and diving. A meandering path leads from the village down to the waterfront.

For those who prefer crowded beaches, there is of course a local pebbled beach, Plaza, some 300 m north of Sip. It's accessible via the crossroad at the north entrance to the village.


What about bed & Breakfast & other accommodation necessities?
  Several families offer excellent accommodation and services in the village as well as on the hillside.
Some are listed here.
Rumour says that this village is a Swedish "colony"?

Well, in a sense yes. More than 20 individuals from the west coast of Sweden visit the village during the summer period (June-August). Some are native Swedes. The majority have their ancestry from the area.

....and what a coincidence.....all of them love this village.