My relation to this medieval village with some 100 inhabitants is deeply rooted. This was the world of my ancestors - small farmers and fishermen living their lives in splendid isolation governed only by the regularity of the bells...... morning, noon and evening.

In my childhood I spent most of my summers in this farmland paradise. Pigs, chicken, cows, goats, sheep, donkeys trotting around in the village. Huge spiders spreading their nets high up the walls in the lanes. Figs and onions drying here and there. Old ladies cleaning vegetables in the cool shadow underneath the grapevine foliage. In the valley the vineyards were well tended, the high grass in the fields was harvested ....the kids playing hide and seek.......I can still recall the scents and sounds from those days......a long, long time ago.

Now I'm grown up and classified as a fossile by the youngsters. Life seems to circle more around the neverending stream of amazing features of mobile phones and computers rather than "living the life". So what happened to Brsec? I am God blessed! The position of the village has hindered brutal exploitation and modernisation. Most of the buildings are more or less the same on the outside but generally fully modernized on the inside. But best of all.....

...Wherever you stand in Brsec or its surroundings you will always feel the serenity and open spaces of the breathtaking valley with Brsec at the bottom end facing the Sea and the village of Martina, climbing up the mountain, at the other end.

Sea and mountain valley – an extraordinary combination

Brsec has conserved the good parts of the old days:
• Safe living day-and-night for both kids and adults
• Devine air quality
• Total freedom from stress

......and when talking about stress, from Brsec you can almost see the "stress factory" on the other side of the Kvarner Channel – Rijeka.
......But just smile.......close your eyes......feel the mild breeze in your you're on the track again......on the bending road to heaven.